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Sales Contact

Director of commercial affairs
Sezen Alexander
Representative office in the Russian Federation
Mikhail Roschenko
Head of Export sales department
Lugovcov Gennady
Head of Export sales development department
Sosna Sergey
Head of local market sales and logistics department
Romanenko Maxim
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JSC “Milk Staf”
Russia, 108820, Moscow, the village of the plant MosRentgen, office Avtostroy, ABK, 13
JSC “Market Line”
Russia, 195197, St. Petersburg, ul. Vasenco, 3, lit. A
JSC “Restoracia”
Belarus, 220138, Minsk, Lipkovsky lane 34, office 84
JSC “Bellakt”
220075 Belarus, Minsk, Promyshlenaya Str., 21/1-11
JSC “Prodsnab”
Russia, 236038, Kaliningrad, ul Yuriya Gagarina, 243
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