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Mozzarella Pizza

Mozzarella Pizza

Pizza topping
Fat content in dry matter
45 %
Packing: thermoformed film, vacuum-packed.
Packing and Packaging
2600 g
The number of pieces in a transit pack:4.
Shelf life, days
Conditions: at temperature from +2 °С till +6 °С, relative humidity 75–85 %.

Mozzarella Pizza topping is a cheese of the Pasta Filata group. It is best served hot. It is famous for dishes requiring roasting and heart treatment, for example, as a filler for pizza, panini and pasta dishes, such as lasagna. The range of using semi-hard mozzarella is very wide: sandwiches, salads, various cold dishes, especially of Italian style. Namely the cheese gives to the favorite dishes crispy, delicate creamy taste and aroma.

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