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Natural cheese for pizzerias

Natural cheese for Japanese restaurants

Natural cheese for confectionery

la Scala
la Scala

High quality of products, focus
Professional use

No loss of protein
in the course of the technological process

We carry out physico-chemical, microbiological
and Radiological Testing

Technological process of manufacturing

At the enterprise advanced technologies
Supplier of production equipment for automatic machine plant is one of the world's largest industry leaders - the company SMT (Italy).

At the Turovsky Dairy Plant, modern local treatment facilities operate. The issue of the utilization of whey is solved through the development of biogas and its further development use in the boiler house of the enterprise, which helps to prevent emissions of methane in the atmosphere, exclude contamination of sewage with waste products milk. Thanks to the utilization and deodorization of milk drains, disinfected highly effective organic fertilizers.

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